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Russellville Trying for $25 Million RAISE Grant

From the City of Russellville - Planning & Development Facebook page: "The City of Russellville is applying for a 25 million dollar RAISE grant for over 12 miles of multi-use trails throughout the city and we need your help! We would love for you to take 5 minutes or less and take this amenities preference survey to let us know what you would like to see in the Russellville Connected Trails System. The feedback we receive from this survey will be crucial in determining what amenities should be included."

Find the survey here, fill it out, and pass it along! This would be truly amazing in connecting our city in brand new ways that benefit everyone. The School District could have outdoor classroom opportunities, citizens could start using alternative forms of transportation which could improve health and reduce vehicle dependency, and it would make our area more accessible to those who don't have vehicles and have to rely on inconvenient or expensive ways to get to and from work.

You can also copy and paste the link into your browser to view the survey:

For a more in depth look at where the proposed trails would be, you can find a detailed PDF below.

0 01 Raise Grant Overview Drawings R2-OVERVIEW
Download PDF • 3.82MB

Want to write a letter of support? Here is an example letter so you can just use this template to make it even easier!

Example Letter of Support. 2
Download PDF • 40KB

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